Respond faster

Loom records messages about issues and can accept messages through email.

For example: one of your customers reports a bug through Loom's public issue reporting form, but doesn't have a Loom account. One of your developers responds with a message, explaining that they need more details to solve the problem.

Loom sends an email to your customer, who can then supply additional information simply by replying to the email.

Respond smarter

Improve customer service: A combination of Loom's email support, RSS and mobile interface means you can respond to customers from almost anywhere in the world, at any time.

Don't repeat mistakes: By using Loom's search and tagging features, developers can mine old issues for useful information to prevent the same problems from occurring.

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Invite clients and customers

  • Invite clients to login to Loom
  • Restrict access to certain projects
  • Keep clients and customers up-to-date
  • Customers can still access Loom via email and public forms

Public reporting

  • Create publicly accessible forms so anyone can report issues
  • Integrate public reporting with your application or service through our API
  • Public web forms collect browser technical data, including: version, flash/java support, screen resolution and more

No technical skills required

  • Loom is a hosted web application, quickly set up an account today
  • Public issue reporting forms can be managed without HTML knowledge
  • Loom's appearance can be customised without HTML/CSS

Mobile compatible

  • Report issues from anywhere using your phone!
  • Loom works with many mobile handsets
  • Add /mob to your account's URL to try it out
  • Also works with iPhone and games consoles (tested on Wii, PS3, PSP)


  • Issues and lists of issues look great printed out
  • Print out issue details to take to clients when out of the office

Developers welcome

  • Developers can integrate Loom with other apps using the API
  • Directly integrate your product or service with Loom
  • Basic HTTP auth and XML over HTTP means the API is easy to integrate with anything